The Curse of Never Say Macbeth

For four hundred years, Shakespeare's Macbeth has been cursed with tragedy and bad luck. Last year, a group of filmmakers discovered that the only way to make a film about the curse was to bring the curse upon themselves. During the production of Never Say Macbeth, the following disasters occurred:

  1. Michael Millikan (Director of Photography) had his storage space broken into, and he lost almost everything he owned, including tripods and equipment to be used on Never Say Macbeth.
  2. Michael Millikan's car was rear-ended while parking near the theatre.
  3. Michael Millikan locked his keys in his trunk, and had to miss an important meeting.
  4. C.J. Prouty (Director/Editor) returned from rehearsal to discover that his car's side mirror had been damaged.
  5. Three days later, C.J. had a car accident one block from the theatre, and required months of physical therapy.
  6. Tania Getty's (Tamara) convertible top was slashed and her headshots and cds were stolen from the backseat.
  7. Mercedes Martinez (Monique) was stranded at the theatre when her car battery died.
  8. Alexander Enberg's (Jason) car was towed, and he had to break into the theatre in order to find a place to sleep.
  9. Jun Teppang (Associate Producer) had his car stolen, with his doorway dolly inside.
  10. Dean Lent's (2nd camera operator) car broke down on the freeway on the first day of shooting.
  11. Ilana Kira, (Ruth) had a car accident one day after her convertible was used in the film.
  12. Matt Rose (boom operator) had a car accident on the third day of shooting.
  13. Melodee M. Spevack (Witch #1) broke her finger while trying to demonstrate an entrance through a trapdoor in the ceiling.
  14. Linnea Liu Dakin (Major General Daughter) twisted her ankle right before shooting the battle scene.
  15. Sam Zeller (Pirate King) had an allergic reaction to the latex makeup, and suffered real second degree burns on his face.
  16. On the final day of shooting, we lost power in the theatre, and could not get the lights to come back on for many hours.
  17. The day before the final sound edit, Jonathan Wareham's (sound editor) hard drive crashed.
  18. Five minutes into color correction, Los Angeles suffered a city-wide power outage.