The Crew C.J. (Christopher Jason) Prouty has spent the past 10 years working as a writer, producer, director, and editor for PBS, Educational Foundations, and Los Angeles Production companies. While earning a BS in Management from the Kelley School of Business and a BA in Telecommunications at Indiana University in Bloomington, Christopher has won awards for his musicals, documentaries, fiction films, and studio productions. Most notably, Christopher won the Best Children's Program Emmy for his USC Master's Thesis Film, Saving Worms. Christopher is living in Los Angeles with his wife, Jill, and he is currently working as a Script Coordinator and Assistant Writer for Nickelodeon's: Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, & The X's . Aside from experiencing the very true CURSE of the Scottish play, it has been a dream come true to direct and edit his first feature length film, Never Say Macbeth.
Tammy Caplan(Producer)
Joe Tyler Gold(Producer/Writer)
C.J. Prouty(Director / Editor)
Michael Millikan(Director of Photography)
Stephen Butler(Editor)
Cynthia Herteg(Costume Designer)
Tim Labor (Composer)
Judi Lewin (Makeup / Hair)
Chris Hall (1st A.D.)
Ashley Contino (2nd A.D.)
Tom Sito (Title Animation)
Jonathan Wareham(Sound Editor)
McFejj(Additional Music)