The Crew Tammy Caplan (Producer) graduated from the School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA where she won the Chancellor’s Marshall award. She recently directed, edited and co-wrote the short film, Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass, which appeared on Howard Stern’s In Demand cable channel, Howard TV, and is now showing on Other producing credits include the short film Petrol, a finalist at the almost Famous Film Festival. She is currently working on a screenplay called 8th Grade Sucks.
Tammy Caplan(Producer)
Joe Tyler Gold(Producer/Writer)
C.J. Prouty(Director / Editor)
Stephen Butler (Editor)
Michael Millikan(Director of Photography)
Cynthia Herteg(Costume Designer)
Tim Labor (Composer)
Judi Lewin (Makeup / Hair)
Chris Hall (1st A.D.)
Ashley Contino (2nd A.D.)  
Tom Sito (Title Animation)
Jonathan Wareham(Sound Editor)
McFejj(Additional Music)