The Crew

McFejj (Additional Music)In 1999 the founding members were jamming acoustic blues in an old downtown Fullerton garage.

Today the Fejj get up on original expression and vision. Many players and friends make the Fejj family what it is. There is a feeling of roots in every direction their music goes. It is a new incarnation of groove, rhythm, and soul.

The roots of McFejj consist of blues and adventurous rock stylings reminiscent of the bands Phish, Faith No More and Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Musically diverse, the band's distinctiveness is created from the broad canvas of sounds available from a variety of musical instruments - guitar, saxophone, piano, bass and drums, as well as a supporting cast of percussionists and singers.

Founded by Ethan McNicol, saxophonist Jessica Noriega, and former band mate Jeff Williams in 1999, McFejj began their quest to continuously evolve their sound by jamming with, and adding like-minded souls to their line-up. A musical scene unto itself, McFejj is well known for its commitment to embracing optional players that sit-in and lend their talents to creating the uniqueness and groove present in their natural tunes.

Today, McFejj is a complete ensemble with the addition of Mike Morehead on keys, bassist Nino Paiz, and drummer Rob Warren and Julio Muñiz as permanent players. Check them out at

Tammy Caplan(Producer)
Joe Tyler Gold(Producer/Writer)
C.J. Prouty(Director / Editor)
Michael Millikan(Director of Photography)
Stephen Butler (Editor)
Cynthia Herteg(Costume Designer)
Tim Labor (Composer)
Judi Lewin (Makeup / Hair)
Chris Hall (1st A.D.)
Ashley Contino (2nd A.D.)
Tom Sito (Title Animation)
Jonathan Wareham(Sound Editor)
McFejj(Additional Music)